Copyright (c) 2001 Greg Pettit

This game is played on an empty 8x8 square board:

TURNS - At the first phase, both players drop their 6 stones. After that, players continue to play by moving one of those stones, at each turn.
DROP - A stone is dropped into an empty cell not adjacent to any friendly stone.
MOVE - A stone moves in a straight (orthogonal) line until it reaches the board edge or another stone. At that moment, it can stop, turn left or right and continue to move and/or turn.
GOAL - A player who makes an orthogonal 4 in-a-row.
A dropping example

White cannot drop a stone at cell [1], since it'd be adjacent to a friendly stone, but Black can. 

A moving example

Black moves the stone at f5 to cell [1], threatening b4-c4-c3-d3. White must eliminate this by moving d4-c4-c3-d3 or a2-a6-c6-c3-d3.

This game entered on the 2001 8x8 Game Design Contest and was considered among the best entries.