Copyright (c) 1987 Fred Horn

This game is played on a 9x9 square board with the following setup:

  • TURN - A player must move one of his stones. A stone may:
    • Move forwards or sideways to an adjacent empty cell.
    • Capture by jumping (diagonally forward) over an enemy stone, landing on the immediate empty cell. Capturing is mandatory but not multiple (maximum of one captured stone per turn.)
  • GOAL - A player wins if he places one of his stones on the last row.
An example

Black's turn. He wins with e4-e3. White must capture d2:f4 (or c2:e4 and then e3:c1 wins) and Black moves d3-d2 winning on the next turn. 

There's a website with information about the game (in Dutch). I wish to thank Hans Bodlaender for translating the rules.