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This game is played on a 6x6 square board, with the following setup:

SOLDIERS - A soldier may move to an adjacent (orthogonal or diagonal) cell.
If a soldier moves onto a cell occupied by another piece (soldier or evader), both pieces are "frozen" and cannot move for the remainder of the game. No other piece can move into that cell.
Only soldiers can freeze the opponent's pieces.
EVADERS - Moves like the soldiers, but only to empty cells.
GOAL - Wins the player who gets one of their Evaders to the opposite side of the board. A stalemate is a loss. However, if both players have both of their Evaders frozen then the game is a draw.

An example

Green's turn. He freezes the soldier at f2. Black moves to e2, then Ef3-e4, Eb1-c2, d4-d3, and Black is trapped between freezing his last soldier (he is behind the race) and loosing his last evader. However, if he decides to safe the soldier, he can achieve draw, because he is able to prevent the last green evader to reach last row.