Copyright (c) 1994 Augustine R. Carreno

Carreno's Entropy is a two player game played on a 5x5 square board.

MOVEMENT - A stone can only move if it is adjacent (orthogonal or diagonal) to another friendly stone, and if so, it may move any number of cells on a straight line on any direction. 
CHECK - If a stone is not near any other stone (friend or foe), it is in check, and the player must release that check. If he is not able to, he must pass.
GOAL  - Wins the player that first disperses his stones, so that, each one is near some enemy stone and not adjacent to all other friendly stones.

Notice that a player can put himself in check, and remove it on the next turn, if he wishes so...

Removing Check

Black stone at c5 is in check. A possible play is to move a4-c4 in order to remove it.

Puzzle, what is the best move?

White is threatening to win at d2-e1, but is Black to move (both samples by A. Carreno)

Black can avoid this by moving b2-b4, which denies the c2 stone its connection