Copyright (c) 2004 K. Franklin

This game is played on the following 8x8 square board:

TURNS - At each turn, each player must do one of the following things:
Drop a stone on a empty cell adjacent (orthogonally or diagonally) to a friendly stone;
Jump a stone to an empty cell at a distance of two cells (see diagram below);
Pass its turn if he cannot drop or jump.
SWAP - After the drop/jump, all enemy cells (orthogonal or diagonal) adjacent to the dropped/jumped cell, swap colors.
Also, all enemy stones (orthogonally or diagonally) sandwiched between that stone and another friendly stone will be flipped.
GOAL - When all cells are occupied, wins the player with more stones.
The jump range

The black stone can jump to any one of the green dots, provided that those cells are empty.

An example

White's turn. The marked white stone goes to [1] swapping the marked black stones. 

Then, Black can only move to c1 and will be unable to move or jump in the next turns. White will occupy the remaining empty cells and win by a large difference.

There is a ZRF to play Dominion with Zillions. This game is a mix between Othello and Ataxx.