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This game is played on an empty 8x8 square board. Each player has 32 stones off-board.

TURN - On each turn, each player drops a friendly stone on an empty cell.
If a diagonal line is full (i.e., there are no empty cells on that diagonal), the player who dropped the last stone achieves so many points as the number of friendly stones on the finished line.
Two lines can be finished on one turn, the player achieves points for both lines (the dropped stone counts twice, once for each diagonal).
A diagonal line must have at least 2 stones. So, corner cells do not count as diagonals.
GOAL - When all cells are occupied, wins the player with more points.
An example

If Black plays at g1 he wins 8 points (points from both diagonals). If White plays at the same cell, he wins only 2 points (but avoids the 7 black points).

White could win 8 points by playing at f1.

This game can easily be played on smaller or larger boards.