Copyright (c) 2001 Karl Scherer

This game is played on a 8x8 cell board, with the following setup:

SLIDE - Each stone may move one or two cells forward (no diagonals) or sideways to an empty cell.
There are no captures in this game.
JUMPS - Each stone may jump forward, diagonally forward and sideways over enemy stones, but only if the move starts on one of its first two rows.
DEFLECT - If the stone is adjacent to a stone directly ahead, then a stone may move one cell diagonally forward and then sideways an arbitrary number of empty cells.
Similarly, if a stone is has a stone to the left or right of it, then it may also move to this stone (not capturing it!) and then forward an arbitrary number of empty cells.
The player may execute several deflector moves in the same turn, using the same stone. 
Deflector moves have priorities over any other moves.
GOAL - A player who fills the opposite two rows wins.

An example

White wins in one move, by deflecting with b3, to cell b6, and then deflecting again at b7 to go to a7.

There is a ZRF to play Deflector with Zillions.