This game from (at least) the XIXth century, is played in Nigeria by the Dakarkari people. Lada Urbanova knows this game under the name "Doki" meaning "horse" in Haussa language. It's another clever relative of Tic-Tac-Toe. The game starts in an empty 5x6 square board.

  • FIRST PHASE [DROP] - Players alternate moves by dropping 24 stones (12 for each) into empty cells..
  • SECOND PHASE [MOVE] - Each player moves a stone into an adjacent orthogonal empty cell.
  • CAPTURE - When a player makes a 3 in-a-row (no diagonals, no 4+ in a row), it removes one enemy stone from the board which is not part of a 3 in-a-row.
  • GOAL - A player wins, when his opponent is unable to form 3 in a row with his stones.
An example

Black moves c6 to cell [1] and captures c3. White has no good moves and will loose the game (he cannot prevent Black's d4-d3, e4-d4)