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CYCLO is played on a 6x6 hexagonal board with 26 stones for each player.

1st TURN - White player places 3 stones on empty cells (never in the marked cells) and protects one of them by placing a pawn on it. Then Black places 3 stones on empty cells, and protects one of them by placing a pawn on it.
TURNS - On each turn, each player removes two unprotected enemy stones, and places 3 new stones, protecting 2 of them with the two pawns on the board (i.e., the two pawns are shared).
If all stones are placed on the board, without a victory, players continue the game by repositioning 2 enemy stones and 3 friendly stones on each turn.
The removed stones returns to each player in order to be used again.
GOAL - A player wins if he surrounds one or more of the seven marked cells on the board with stones of his color.
An example

This is a winning position for Black. The Black stones with a triangle surrounds 2 marked cells.

I wish to thank John Lawson for detailed information about Cyclo.