Copyright (c) 2002 Keith Carter

The game can be played on a 8x8 board. The initial setup in the original game is placed randomly, I choose the following:

MOVE - Each stone must move to any adjacent (orthogonal or diagonal) cell with an enemy stone, which is captured. Then, all adjacent enemy stones are converted to friendly ones. 
GOAL - Wins the player which has more stones, after there is no more valid moves.
An example

White wins in 5 moves. He moves the marked stone east to capture the black stone that threat its upper structure. Black replies f3-f2 with the same purpose. Then, f6-g5 attacks the east flack, Black captures the other single white stone with h1-h2. White's h4-g3 destroys all the work done so far, and the next black move g1-h2 only delays the end with f2-g3. White wins 24-9

There is a ZRF to play Crusade with Zillions