Copyright (c) 1999 Frank Tapson, Alan Parr

This game is played on the following board (the cells with green dots are called islands):

TURN - On each turn, each player moves one friendly stone.
Stones can orthogonally move once or twice to an empty cell (or island) or move into a cell (or island) occupied by an opponent stone (which is captured). 
GOAL - Wins the player that occupy the three islands.
An example

The Black stone near the island can move into it and the move south to capture the white stone (stones may move twice in one turn).

There's a webpage with the rules and a printable board. This rule set provides the same move and non-mandatory capture range. This tends to diminish the attacks (usually the first to strike will have a disadvantage) producing too much defensive positions. A possible change is to forbid backward moves, so that both armies converge to the three islands. Eventually, a player could also win if he captures 1 or 2 islands and his adversary cannot capture at least that number (because he does not have enough stones).