Copyright (c) 2004 Costanzo Zingrillo

CQT is played on a 2x9 square board.

The bottom row belongs to one player, the top row belongs to the other. Both players have a reserve of 9 red, 9 blue and 9 yellow stones.

  • DROP PHASE - Each player drops one stone (either blue, red or yellow) from his reserve on an empty cell in his row. They continue dropping until the board is full.

  • CAPTURE PHASE - On each turn, each player removes one of his stones. If the stone is:

    • blue, the player removes any enemy stone plus all adjacent enemy stones of the same type.

    • red, the player removes the enemy stone at the same column.

    • yellow, the player removes a blue or yellow enemy stone.

  • GOAL - Wins the player that stalemates the adversary.

Blue stones are more powerful, but a player cannot have an army only with blue stones (it would be destroyed in a single turn by an enemy blue capture). The initial setup must have enough variety to offer other capture options.

An example

The first phase ended.

Bottom starts the second phase and selects the blue stone at e1, removing b2 and c2.