Copyright (c) 2001 Karl Scherer

The game is played on an empty 8x8 board:

KING  - Firstly each player drops a King. Then each player has a double move: First you move your King, then you drop a blocking soldier.
The King can move one or two cells in a straight (diagonal or orthogonal) direction. The cells must be empty.
If the king is enclosed by eight blocking soldiers, he is stalemated if he does not have an 'escape route'. An 'escape route' are two adjacent soldiers positioned of the same colour pointing in one of the four orthogonal directions of the king's position. The king may then move onto the first of these blocks and capture it.
GOAL - Wins the player that stalemate the opponent's king.

An example

The Black King moves and wins in two moves. He goes to cell [1] and places a soldier on cell [2]. Then the Red Kind is forced to move to f4, and drops a soldier anywhere. Then Black moves e5 (or g5 if the soldier was dropped there) and stalemates Red. Notice that if the soldier at f3 was red, then a soldier at f2 would have given Red an escape route.

There is a ZRF to play Chase II with Zillions. Chase II is a development of Chase, where the escape routes were added for a more balanced game.