Copyright (c) 1980s T. Truran

The game is played on a empty limited 8x8 board. Also, each player has 20 soldiers and 1 King.

DROP - Each player, in the 1st turn, drops his King into an empty cell on the board.
MOVE - Each King moves like the Chess Knight to:
an empty cell, and then dropping a soldier on the cell they just left.
a cell already occupied by one of his soldiers, and on the next turn, the player will not place a soldier on that cell (a cell cannot have two soldiers). 
GOAL - To align 4 soldiers in any direction (orthogonal or diagonal)
If none of the players achieve it at endgame (all soldiers were dropped), then a draw is declared.
An example

Black should jump to d7 (the blue cell) to win at b6 in a diagonal 4 in a row.

I caught this game rules on the oldie Jeux et Strategie, a game and puzzles magazine that crossed the 80s and my youth. I only have some old xeroxes so my information about this other games are very limited. If someone has more information's about abstract games present on JeS please send them to me.