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Castle can be played on a Go board, with the following setup:

  • WALLS & CASTLE - The Red dots represent walls. The green dots represent the throne. All the other cells are the ground. 
    • I assume from the setup that all stones are on wall cells.
  • TURN - At each turn, each player moves a friendly stone.
    • A stone may orthogonally slide any number of empty cells.
      • Sliding is only valid on the ground or on the wall. A slide cannot cross both types of cells.
      • A stone cannot slide over or move into his own throne.
    • A stone may move to a different type of cell (from a wall to the ground, or vice versa) if that cell is orthogonally adjacent.
    • It's possible to capture by replacement (capture is not mandatory). 
  • GOAL - A player wins when he places one stone at the opponent throne.

I wish to thank Lada Urbanova for this game information. She informed me that this game was described at Zapletal, Miloš: Velká encyklopedie her - Hry v klubovně. Olympia, Praha, 1986.