Copyright (c) Henry Busch & Arthur Jaeger

The game is played on the following board with this setup:

CAPTAIN  - Moves one position forward along the heavy line towards the red dot in the middle of the board. If the next position is occupied, the Captain cannot move.

SOLDIER - Move to an adjacent (orthogonal or diagonal) empty cell. 
Soldiers cannot enter the red dot. 
They capture by jumping like in checkers. Multiple jumps are allowed. Capturing is mandatory.

GOAL - Wins the player that moving the Captain to the red dot. You also can win by moving 3 spaces further along the track than your opponent. 

Roger Cooper says: The game is described in Sid Sackson's book, a Gamut of Games. It states that the game was designed by Henry Busch & Arthur Jaeger. No further details are given. I have also seen the same game under the name of Cats & Dogs and Wild West.

An example

The blue soldier moved out of the Captain path, and after Black's move, the blue Captain started its journey.

There is a ZRF to play Blue and Gray with Zillions made by Roger Cooper. Another variant called Super Blue and Gray was designed in 2003 with some other pieces and rules update.