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This game is played on the following board.

The board is divided into several areas (in this diagram, an area is a set of connected dots of the same color) and does not use the seven central cells. Each player starts with 1 King and 20 soldiers off board.

  • SETUP - Each played drops his King on an empty cell. The second player must drop his King into a different area.
  • TURN - On each turn, each player moves his King.
    • A King slides a straight line of cells (eventually occupied), in a clockwise fashion around the center, landing on an empty cell. The player then drops a friendly soldier on the initial cell.
      • If the King, after the move, stays in the same area, he gets 1 point of penalization.
      • If the King moves over enemy stones, he gets 1 point of penalization per stone crossed.
  • GOAL - The player that gets 10 points or is unable to move, loses the game.
First moves

Here we see the first three turns of movement. Both Kings are sliding in clockwise fashion landing, each time, on different areas.

Black's last move was poor. Now the will get one point of penalization: either by staying on the same area, or by crossing one white soldier.

This game appeared at Jeu & Stratégie n° 37 Feb. 86