Copyright (c) 2005 Jorge Nuno Silva

This game is played on a NxM square board, with the following checkered setup:

  • GROUP - Two or more orthogonally connected stones of the same color.
  • TURN - On each turn, each player must move an unmarked stone into an orthogonally (no diagonals) adjacent cell with an enemy unmarked stone, thus capturing it.
    • Initially, all stones are unmarked.
    • When a player creates a new group, he marks one of the friendly stones from that group.
      • If a stone joins a group already with one marked stone, the player may move the mark to any other friendly stone from that group.
      • If two groups join together, the player removes both markers, and mark just one stone from the group.
  • GOAL - The player who makes the last move, wins

So, each group have one and just one marked stone. Marked stones cannot move or be captured.

An example

Black's turn. He may win the game by capturing d5 with any black stone (thus, creating a new group) and then place the mark at d5. White does not have any valid move and loses the game.

This game was inspired on Clobber.