Copyright (c) 2002 L. Lynn Smith

This game is played on the following board:

Encampment - Each of the 4x4 areas surrounded by each player's army. Each player starts with his army on the opponent's encampment.
Goals - The internal 2x2 area inside the encampments (the dotted cells in the diagram).
Run - The cells surrounding both encampments.
TURN - On each turn, each player can do one of the following moves:
Move a stone out of the encampment into an adjacent (orthogonal or diagonal) empty cell in the Run.
Move a stone into an empty encampment cell from an adjacent (orthogonal or diagonal) cell from the Run.
Slide a stone in the Run on any orthogonal direction into an empty cell. Jumps are possible over any stone. There are no captures in the Run.
Inside an encampment the stone may move to any empty (orthogonal or diagonal) adjacent cell. Captures are possible (not mandatory) by jumping over an enemy stone - if the stone lands inside the encampment. Capture can be multiple.
GOAL - Wins the player that occupies his four Goal cells, or captures all but 3 of the enemy stones.
An example

Green just moved the marked stone. Red must move into the last green goal cell in order to avoid immediate defeat. Then Green captures d9:b9 leaving two open goal cells.

However Red does not have a position to win. If he moves e3-d3 or e4-d4, Green will capture it and gain enough tempo to occupy the last two goal cells above and win.

There is a ZRF to play Bivouac with Zillions.