Copyright (c) 2005 Jaroslaw Cichocki

This game is played on an empty NxN square board (say 8x8):

  • TURNS - At each turn, each player must do the following actions:
    • First, drop a friendly stone on an empty cell;
    • Second,  all pieces in the same horizontal and vertical rows move one cell nearer to the placed piece, if possible.
  • GOAL - If at the end of the move, there are any pieces that have an enemy piece at each diagonally adjacent cell, 4 in all, then the player with the most such pieces wins. If these numbers are equal, the game continues.
An example

White's turn.

He plays at [1] attracting four different stones (check next diagram), and by doing so, he wins by making one winning pattern (the marked stones) while Black does not have any.

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