Copyright (c) 2001 Jeff Roy

Annuvin is played on a 4x4 hexagonal board with the following setup:

MOVE - A stone can move up to N spaces in any combination of directions (it may even move over intervening stones), where N varies depending on the number of stones he has remaining:
Six pieces: one space per turn
Five pieces: two spaces per turn
Four pieces: three spaces per turn
Three pieces: four spaces per turn
Two pieces: five spaces per turn
One piece: six spaces per turn.
CAPTURE - A stone captures an opposing piece by moving onto it. If a stone makes a capture before it has used all of the spaces available to it that move, it may continue to make additional captures until it has moved its limit.
GOAL - Wins the player who captures all of his opponent's stones, or, if he reduces his opponent to a single stone without losing any of his own.
An example

White to play. Each stone may move five cells. If White captures d6:f5, Black just moves b4-c5. White moves f5-f4 and Black replies e2:f4, winning on the next turn, since the last White stone (having moving range of 6 cells) cannot capture both stones.

Jeff Roy implemented the game on Zillions. Annuvin is an improvement of Huntsmen.