Copyright (c) 2000 Steven Meyers

The game starts at an empty 8x8 hexagonal board:

AWAY CORNERS - The marked empty cells of the other player shown above. Each player has three home corners and three away corners.
GROUP - A connected set of stones of the same color.
ANCHOR - A group is an anchor if it touches three or more sides. If a group touches just two sides, it is an anchor only if these sides do not meet at an Away Corner.
LIFE - A stone is alive if it belongs to an anchor.
PIE RULE - At first turn, one player drops one stone, and the other chooses sides.
DROP - On each turn, each player drops a stone on an empty cell.
Players may pass their turn.
GOAL - When both players pass, the game is over. Then:
Remove all dead stones (i.e., stones which are not alive), and deliver them to the opposite color players (i.e., dead black stones are given to White, and vice versa), these are called the prisoners.
Each player counts the number of prisoners plus the number of cells which are surrounded by his stones (and the edges, same as in Go).
Wins the player with the greatest number.

An example

If the game ended at this position, all marked stones would be dead.

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