Copyright (c) 2009 Martin Windischer

The game is played on four boards (called here NW, SW, NE, SE according to their position):

Both players start with 15 stones offboard (you can reduce the number for a shorter game).

  • BOARDS: The stones in each board are responsible for the moving possibilities of the stones in the next board (clockwise direction).
    • E.g., board NW position determines the moves for board NE.
  • MOVE: Every stone allows the stones in the next board to move according to its position (using the red point as a reference point).
    • E.g., A stone on b3, allows that player to move any stone in the next board one step to the left. A stone on e5 allows any stone in the next board to move two steps diagonally to the top right.
    • A stone on a red point is useless for the moves in the next board .
  • TURN: On his turn a player must do one of two actions:
    • Drop: The player drops a friendly stone on an empty cell. If there are no more offboard stones, he cannot choose this action.
    • Move: The player moves a stone according to the moving rules. To move a stone there must be a friendly stone in the previous board.
      • The move is only allowed if the moving stone stays in the same board.
      • Stones jump. So if a stone moves from a5 to c5 (only possible if there is a friendly stone on e3 at the previous board) the status of b5 is irrelevant.
      • The destination cell must be empty or occupied with an opponent stone, which is captured and removed from play.
  • GOAL: A player with no legal moves loses.
An example
If White has at least one offboard stone he can drop a stone at [1].

This sets up a double threat. Either he can move it as NWd8:d10 (because of SWc5) or move NEi10:j9, in the next turn, to capture a black piece.


Variant: This game can also be played with more players (i suggest 10 offboard stones for each of a 3-player-game). In this case a player without legal moves loses and is out of the game. His stones remain in the game until they are captured. Last man standing wins.