Copyright (c) 2000 Andy Daniel

The game is played on the following board with this setup:

DROP - Each player, on each turn, drops a stone (each player takes 15 black, 15 white, and 6 red stones, and must eventually play all of them) on an empty cell on the same row or column of the last dropped stone.
The first stone may be dropped on any empty cell.
If the row and column are full, you may play anywhere on the board.
GOAL - Wins the player which makes more 3 in-a-rows, after all stones are placed. Notice that red stones may serve to make 3 in-a-rows for both players (a valid 3 in-a-row may have up to 2 red stones). 

An example

White can make a 3 in-a-row on cell [1], or two of them dropping a stone at cell [2].

Black has one 3 in-a-row at g7-h7-i7.

More information can be found at the author's website www.enginuity.com (or in Funagain). The author says: In the "luck and skill" variant, all 72 stones are placed into the pouch and you draw a stone at your turn. You must play whatever you draw, even if it is your opponent's color.