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This game is played on a 8x8 square board. Off board, there are 34 black stones, 20 white stones and 10 red stones.

  • SETUP PHASE - One player drops all 64 stones on the board and removes one leaving an empty cell (the removed stone does not enter the game). The other player starts moving.
  • MOVE PHASE - On each turn, each player selects one stone to jump over another (orthogonal or diagonal) adjacent stone landing on the immediate next cell (which must be empty).
    • Jumps are multiple and must [I'm not sure about this one] maximize the number of capture stones.
    • Every jumped stone is removed and the player wins 1 point for a black stone, 2 points for a white stone and 3 points for a red stone.
  • GOAL - When no more jumps are possible, wins the player with more points.

An example

The next player may capture (he has five options) a8:a6. After that, the next player must move b8:b6. And so, the initial player may still capture a6:c6 gaining 5 against 3 points.

He may also capture a8:c6 gaining 3 points against zero of the adversary (a better option).