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[ 1939 Rules ]

1939 : Game I


Player Email Power
André Leme-Lopes all@volk.com.br Britain
Cristiano Corte Restitutti mfrest@bestway.com.br Turkey
Eduardo Blum eblum@ig.com.br France
Maria Martha Nader mnader@uol.com.,br Germany
José Carlos Lopes Sariego sariego2001@yahoo.com.br Italy
Tarik Johnson tarik@nwm.com.br
Soviet Union
Joćo Pedro Neto vascog@uol.com.br Game Master


Year Season Orders Number of Supply Centers
Beginning [MAP] The 3rd Reich Britain USSR France Italy Turkey Yoguslavia Scandinavia Spain Poland Rumania
6 4 4 4 4 4 1 2 2 3 1
1939 Fall Moves  Retreats                      
1940 - Builds 8 4 5 6 4 4 2 2 2 4 1
1940 Spring Moves  Retreats                      
1940 Fall Moves  Retreats                      
1941 - Builds 9 7 7 4 6 7 1 0 1 3 0
1941 Spring Moves  Retreats                      
1941 Fall Moves  Retreats                      
1942 - Builds 9 8 8 6 6 8 1 - 1 1 -
1942 Spring Moves  Retreats                      
1942 Fall Moves  Retreats                      
1943 - Builds 6 9 9 8 6 9 1 - 0 0 -
1943 Spring Moves  Retreats                      
1943 Fall Moves  Retreats                      
1944 - Builds 5 12 10 5 4 12 0 - - - -

Hints and Side Notes

To find why an order didn't work, position the mouse in the red cross.
To check the new rules proposals, click here!
Tell me if you have other critics or suggestions!

Actual Map

Center of Operations


Builds 1942

Britain build F Edi and A Lon.
France builds A par and A Mar
Turkey builds A Kur and F Con (one unit was not built in the previous year).
Soviet Union builds F Len (nc).

Spring 1942 Moves [MAP]

Britain France German
P(HEL)-Kie S A(Hol)-Kie
F(Lib) S F(ION) H
cut1:3 dislodged
F EBS-WBSbounce1:1
F Por Hok
A Cat-Madbounce
A Bel-Rhibounce
A Par-Picok
A Mar-Burok
P Bur-Mar S F WMS-GOLok
f kie den bounce1:2 dislodged
f wbs s f kie dencut
f pru danok
a wie s f pru danok
a war s f pru danok
a slo galok
a kra s a slo galok
a sil munbounce
a hun ausok
p wie kra s a slo galok
a mad cat
Italy Soviet Union Turkey
P Mar-Pieok
A Ser-Albbounce2:2 dislodged 1:2
F ION S A Ser-Albok
F Nap S F IONok
F Tun S F IONok
A Alg S F Tunok
f len-lapok
f swe hok
p lit hok
a lit s a priok
a pri hok
a bye-latok
a gal hcut 2:3
a mol s a galok
f buc hok
a bul s a the-serok
A Bul S A The -> Serok
A Kur -> Iraok
F Con Holdok
A The -> Serok2:1
A Alb St A The -> Sercut2:2
F Ath St A Albok
F Pal S F EMSok
A Egy -> Libok3:1
P EMS H S A Egy -> Libok
F EMS S A Egy -> Libok

Spring 1942 Retreats

German Fleet at Kie retreats to Ber.
British Fleet at Lib with no valid retreats is destroyed.
Italian Army at Ser retreats to Hun.
Soviet Army at Gal retreats Kiv.

Fall 1942 Moves [MAP]

Britain France German
F(EBS)-WBS bounce1:1
P(ION) H S F(Tun)-Libcannot support outside its LoA
P(Kie) H S A(Kie)-Berok
A(Kie)-Ber ok2:1
A(Rhi) S A(Yor)-Holok
F(NTH) C A(Yor)-Holok
F(Den) S F(HEL)-Kieok

NEWS: American armies enter in
Agadir and Egipt!

F Por Hok
F GOL-Catok
A Cat-Madok2:1
P Mar-Cat S A Cat-Madok
A Bur-Munok
A Bel Hok
A Pic-Burok
F EBS-WBSbounce1:1
a aus crobounce1:1
a gal kraok
a kra praok
a sil ber bounce1:2
a wie silbounce
a war hok
f dan s f ber pruok
f wbs s a sil ber cut
f ber pruok
p kra sil s a war hok

NEWS: Nazis lost Berlin and Luftwaffe Kaput!

Italy Soviet Union Turkey
P Pie-Triok
A Hun-Serbounce1:1
A alg-Tamok
F Tun-Libbounce3:2
F Ion S F Tun-Libok
F Nap S F IONok
F Tys S F IONok
f lap-oslok
f swe s f lap-oslok
a lat s a litok
p lit-pri s a priok
a lit s a priok
a pri s a litok
a kiv s a priok
a mol s a kivok
f buc s a molok
a bul-traok
A Bul-Traok
A Ira -> Hedok
F Pal Support F EMSok
F EMS Support A Libok
P EMS Support A Libok
A Lib Holdok3:2
A Ser -> Crobounce1:1
A Alb -> Serbounce
F Ath -> Albbounce
F Con -> Aegok

Fall 1942 Retreats

Spanish Army at Mat would retreat to And or Nav, but it is destroyed since Spain has no valid centers.

Build 1943  [MAP]

Britain builds F Edi and A Lon. British gains a Plane in Berlin!
France builds F Mar and A Par.
Soviet Union builds F Len(sc).
Turkey builds A Con.
Germany removes A War, A Kra, F Dan and P Sil.
Poland removes the EBS Fleet!
Spain and Poland are out of game!

Spring 1943 Moves [MAP]

Britain France German
f edi -> nwg ok
f den -> wbsbounce
f kie s a berok
f nth c a lon -> bel ok
f mao c a aga -> breok
a lon -> belok2:1
a hol s a lon -> belok
a rhi -> burok2:1
a ber hok
p ber h s a berok
p kie -> mun s a rhi -> burok
p ion s f ionok
a aga -> breok
a egy -> lib bounce1:2 destroyed
F Por-SOGok
F Cat-WMSok
F Mar-GOLok
A Par-Gasok
A Bel HOLDretreat1:2
A Mad-Catok
A Bur S A Muncut1:2
A Mun HOLDcut1:2
P Cat-GOL S F Cat-WMSok
f wbs s a sil bercut
f pru s a sil berok
a sil berbounce2:3
a wie silbounce
a pra munok2:1
a aus s a pra munok
Italy Soviet Union Turkey
A Hun-Serok
P Tri-Cro B ok
A Tam-Lib bounce2:2
F Tun S A Tam-Libok
F ION S A Tam-Libcut
F Nap S F IONok
f osl h ok
f swe hok
f len-gobok
a lat-hok
a lit-warok
a pri-kraok
p pri-war s a pri-karok
a kiv-priok
a mol-galok
f buc hok
a tra-hunok
A Tra-Hunok
A Ser-Crook
A Alb HOLDok
A Con-Bulok
F Aeg-Ionbounce3:3
F Ath S F Aeg-Ionok
F EMS S F Aeg-Ionok
F Pal-Egyok2:1
A Hed S F Pal-Egyok
A Lib-Tambounce2:2
P EMS-Lib / P S A Lib-Tamok

Spring 1943 Retreats [MAP]

French Army at Bur retreats to Par.
French Army at Bel retreats to Pic.
American Army at Egy with no valid retreats is destroyed.

Fall 1943 Moves 

Britain France German
p ion s a cat -> tun cannot support outside its LoA
f mao -> por ok
a bre -> par ok
a bur s a bre -> par ok
a bel s a bur cut by Pic
a hol -> rhi ok
a ber h ok
p ber h s a ber h ok
p mun h s a ber h ok
f kie s a ber h ok
f den -> swe bounce1:2
f nth -> osl ok 2:1
f nwg s f nth -> osl ok

Americans enter in French Paris! Britains in Portugal and Scandinavia.
A pic-Belbounce
A par Hdislodged1:2
A gas-Mar ok
A cat-Tus ok
F GOL C A Cat-Tus ok
F SOG-Alg ok
F WMS S F SOG-Alg ok

French units in Italian soil, but loose Paris and Portugal!
F WBS - Pru ok
F Pru - Danok
A Wie S A Sil ok
A Sil - Pra ok
A Mun S A Ausok
A Aus S A Mun ok

The Reich's offensive reconquers Munich, the birth place of the Nazi Party!
Italy Soviet Union Turkey
A Tam-Lib  ok
F Tun S A Tam-Lib cut1:2 destroyed
F ION S A Tam-Lib ok
F Tys S F ION ok
F Nap S F ION ok
A Ser-Hun ok3:1
P Cro S A Ser-Hun ok

Italians reconquer Libya, but Rome is in danger!
f osl s f swe bounce and retreats1:2
f swe s f osl cut
f gob c a lat-fin ok
a lat-gob-fin ok
a war s a kra ok
p war s a kra ok
a pri-lit ok
a kra h ok
a gal-slo ok
f buc s a bul ok
a hun s a alb-ser cut1:2

Soviet forces inside the Reich! Churchill and Stalin in conflict!
A Cro-Tri ok
A Alb-Ser ok
A Bul S A Alb-Ser ok
F Ath-Alb ok
F Aeg-Ath ok
F EMS-Aeg ok
F Egy-EMS ok
A Hed-Egy ok
A Lib-Tun bounce2:3 destroyed!
P Lib-Tun / S A Lib-Tun ok
A Hun S A Alb-Sercut1:2

The Balcans is Turkish, and taste the sweet and long revenge of the Lepanto battle, by conquering Venice!

Fall 1943 Retreats

Italian Army at Tunis with no valid retreats is destroyed!
French Army at Paris retreats to Gascony.
Servian Army at Hungary retreats to Transilvania.
Soviet Fleet at Oslo may retreat to Lapland or SKA.

Build 1944

England and Turkey builds three units.
Soviet Union builds one unit (or two, if Lap is disbanded).
Germany and Italy removes one unit.
France removes three units.
Serbia is out of game!

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