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[ 1939 Rules ]

1939 : Game I

History - 1939 to 1941

Fall 1939 - Positioning of Berlin Unit

Army Berlin ok

Fall 1939 - Moves [MAP]

Britain France German
P(Lon)-NTH   ok                              
F(Lon)-NTH  ok
F(Edi)-NWG  ok
A(Lvp)-Edi  ok
F(Egy) Hold  ok
P(ION) Hold S F (WMS)-Tun  okplane cannot support into Tunis
A(Fin)-Len mismatch order
A(Osl)-Swe mismatch order
F(Dan)-EBS   ok
A(War)-Lit     ok
A(Kra) Hold    ok
A (Kra) Hold  ok
A (War)-Lit  ok
F (Dan)-EBS  ok
F (WMS) - Tun  ok
F (Syr) - Kur  ok
F (Bre) - Pic  ok
A (Par) - Bur  ok
P (Par) Hold S A (Par) - Bur  ok ok
A (Mar) - Swi  cannot go to Swiss
A Aus-Hun  ok
A Mun-Aus  ok
A Ber-Pru  bounce
P Ber-Pru  ok
F Kie-Den  ok
A Pra S A Aus-Hun  ok
A Osl-Lap  mismatch order
Italy Soviet Union Turkey
A Lib-Tam  ok
F Nap-ION  ok
F Rom-Tys  ok
A Tri-Cro  ok
P Rom-Tri  ok
f len-lat  ok
p mos-len b  ok
a mos-sev  ok
a kiv-gal  ok
f sev-mol  ok
a ser-bul  ok
F Ank-Bla  ok
F Smy-EMS  ok
A Kur-Per  ok
A Con-The  ok
P Con-Smy S F Smy-EMS  okok

Fall 1939 - Retreats

No Retreats

Builds 1940 [MAP]

Britain: A War
France:  F Syr  A War
Germany: F Kie  A Mun
Soviet Union: A Mos  A Ser
Turkey: A Ser

Spring 1940 - Moves [MAP]

Britain France German
F(NWG)-Osl bounce
A(Edi)-NTH-Hol ok
F(NTH) C A(Edi)-Hol ok
P(NTH) H S A(Edi)-Hol ok
P(ION) H Bomb ok
F(Egy)-Lib ok
A(Osl)-Lap mismatch order
A(Fin)-Swe mismatch order
F (EBS) - Dan bounce2:3
A (War) S F(EBS) - Dan ok
A (Lit)-EPr mismatch order
A (Kra)-Wie mismatch order
A (Mar) Hold ok
A (Bur) - Bel ok
F (Pic) - ENG ok
P (Par) - Bur S A (Mar) Hold ok
F (Kur) Hold destroyed (no valid retreats)1:2
F (Syr) S F (Kur) Hold cut
F (Tun) S F (Egy) - Lib cut
F (EBS) - Dan bounce 2:3
A (War) S F (EBS) - Dan ok
A (Lit) Hold mismatch order
A (Kra) Hold mismatch order
A Pru-Dan ok3:2
P Pru S A Pru-Dan ok
A Ber-Sil ok
A Hun S A Cro-Ser ok
A Pra Hold ok
F Kie S F Den ok
A Mun Hold ok
A Aus Hold ok
F Den Hold ok
A Mad-Por mismatch order
A Buc S A The-Bul mismatch order and destroyed with no valid retreats 1:2
A Osl-Swe mismatch order
A Fin Hold ok
Italy Soviet Union Turkey
A Cro-Ser  ok
P Tri-Pie H ok
A Tam-Alg ok
F Tys-Tun bounce
F ION S F Tys-Tun cut by plane bombing
F Cat-WMS mismatch order
A Mad-Cat  mismatch order
p len h s a mos-len ok
a mos-len ok
f lat-gob ok
a gal s f mol-buc ok
a sev-mol ok
f mol-buc ok
a ser-tra ok
a bul s f mol-buc ok
A PER-KUR ok 2:1
F EMS-SYR bounce

Spring 1940 - Retreats

French Fleet at Kur retreats to Smy.
Rumenian Army at Buc is destroyed since there is no valid retreats.

Fall 1940 - Moves [MAP]

Britain France German
A(Hol)-Bel ok
F(NWG)-Osl ok
F(NTH)-Lon ok
P(NTH) H S F(NWG)-Osl ok
P(ION) H Bomb ok
F(Lib) H ok
A(Osl)-Lap ok
A(Fin) S A(Osl)-Lap bounce1:2
F(EBS)-Swe mismatch orders
A(Lit) H mismatch orders
A(War) S A(Kra) mismatch orders
A(Kra) S A(War) mismatch orders
F Tun - Alg bounce1:2
F ENG - MAO ok
A Bel - Bur ok
P Bur - Mar S A Mar - Cat ok
A Mar - Cat ok 2:1
F Smy HOLD retreat1:2
F Syr HOLD retreat1:2
F EBS - Pru mismatch orders
A War - Wie mismatch orders
A Lit -War mismatch orders
A Kra S A War - Wie mismatch orders
A Mad-Cat mismatch orders
F Cat Hold mismatch orders 1:2
A Osl-Lap ok
A Fin Hold bounce
F Kie S A Mun-Kie  cannot support unit against itself
A Mun-Kie bounce
A Aus-Mun bounce
A Dan-War ok
P Pru-Wie S A Dan-War ok
A Pra-Kra bounce2:2
A Sil S A Pra-Kra ok
A Hun S A Ser-Tra ok
F Den Hold ok
Italy Soviet Union Turkey
A Ser-Tra  bounce2:2
P Pie S A Cat-Mar void support
A alg S F Tys-Tun ok
F Tys-Tun ok 2:1
F Ion S F Tys-Tun cut by plane bombing
p len-lat b ok
a len s f gob-fin ok
f gob-fin ok 2:1
a gal s a kra  ok
a mol-kiv ok
f buc h ok
a tra-ser bounce2:2
a bul s a tra-ser ok
F EAS -> SYR ok
F CON -> SMY ok
A TRA - SER bounce2:2

Fall 1940 - Retreats

French Fleet at Tun retreats to WMS.
French Fleet at Smy retreats to EMS.
French Fleet at Syr retreats to Palestin.
Scandinavian Army at Fin retreats to Sweden.
Poland Army at War  retreats to Wie.
Spanish Fleet at Cat did not received retreat orders and was destroyed.

Builds 1941

Britain : Build A Edi    F Lvp    F Egy
France: Remove F EMS   F Pal
Germany: Build F Pru
Italy: Build F Rom   F Nap
Soviet Union: Build A Mos A Sev
Turkey: Build F Con   A Ank
Serbia: Removes A Tra

Poland: Removes A Lit
Scandinavia and Rumania are out of game!

Spring 1941 - Moves [MAP]

Britain France German
A(Edi) H ok
A(Bel)-Hol bounce1:1 dislodged!
F(Lvp)-IRI ok
F(Lon)-NTH ok
F(Osl)-SKA ok
P(NTH) H S F(Lon)-NTH ok
P(ION) H S F(Lib)-IONok
F(Lib)-ION ok3:2
A(Kra) H ok
A(Wie)-Pru ok
F(EBS) S A(Wie)-Pruok
F (MAO) - Por ok
F (WMS) - TYS bounce1:1
A (Cat) H ok
A (Bur) - Bel ok2:1
P (Mar) - Bur S A (Bur) - Belok
A (Wie) - Pru ok
F (EBS) S A (Wie) - Pru ok
A (Kra) H ok
F Kie - Hol  bounce1:1
F Den - HEL S F Kie- Hol two orders only allowed for planes
F Pru - DaN ok
A Sie - Wieok
P Wie S A Sil - Wie ok
A War S A Sil - Wieok
A Pra - Slo ok
A Hun S A Pra - Slo ok
A Aus - Pra ok
A Mun Hold ok
Italy Soviet Union Turkey
P Pie-Mar B ok
A Alg S F Tunok
F Tun S F ION-Libok
F ION-Lib bounce2:3 dislodged
A Ser Hok
F Nap-TYS bounce1:1
F Rom-Tus ok
f fin-sweok
a len-latok
p lat-lit s a kiv-priok
a mos-byeok
a gal s a kraok
a kiv-priok
a sev-molok
f buc-bulbounce1:1

a bul-sermismatch order
A Bul-Tramismatch order
F Con-Aegok
A Ank-Conok
A Ath-Theok
F Smy-EMSok
F Syr S F Smy-EMSok
P EMS-Aeg S F Lib-Ionok
A Kur-Smyok

Spring 1941 - Retreats

British Army at Bel retreats to Rhi
Italian Fleet at ION retreats to Apu

Fall 1941 - Moves [MAP]

Britain France German
A(Rhi) S A(Edi)-Holok
F(NTH) C A(Edi)-Holok
F(SKA)-Denok 3:1
F(ION)-Tunbounce2:3 dislodged
F(Lib) S F(ION)-Tunok
P(ION)-TYS Bombok
A(Pru)-Ber bounce1:2 dislodged
F(EBS) Hok
A(Kra) S RA(Pri)-Warbounce2:3 disl.
A Bel S A Edi - Holok
F WMS - Catbounce
F Por Hok
P Bur - Mar S F WMS - Catbounceok
A Cat - Madbounce
A Pru - Ber bounce1:2 dislodged
A Kra S RA Pri - Warcut2:3 disl.
A pra-kra ok3:2
A slo s A pra-kraok
A war s A pra-krabounce
P wie-war s A pra-krabounceok
F dan-pru ok 2:1
A wie s F dan-pruok
A mun-silok
F kie-ber bounce
F den H bounce 1:3 dislodged
Italy Soviet Union Turkey
P Mar H S F Tus-Golokbounce
F Tus-Golok
A Ser Hok
F Apu-IONok3:2
F Nap S F Apu-IONok
A Alg S F Tunok
F Tun S F Apu-IONoknot cut
f swe s f ska-den ok
a lat-litok
p lit-war s a lat-litbounceok
a bye-pribounce
a pri-warbounce1:1
a gal s a kraok
a bul s a the-sermismatch order
a mol-buccannot swap units
f buc-molcannot swap units
A Bul Hmismatch order
A The-Albok
A Con-Theok
F AEG-Athok
F Syr-Palok
A Smy-EMS-Egyok
F EMS C A Smy-Egyok
P AEG-EMS S A Smy-Egyok

Fall 1941 - Retreats

German Fleet at Den retreats to WBS.
British Fleet at ION is disbanded.

Polish Armies at Pru and Kra with no valid retreats were destroyed.

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