The 4th Portuguese Tournament of Mathematical Games

During February, 29, 2008, 1100 students (aging 7 to 17) from all Portugal join at Braga to play six different abstract games.

The Fourth Portuguese Tournament of Mathematical Games started months before in about 280 schools, scattered thru all Portugal, with local tournaments to find what students were the best players (you can check some info from the first tournament).

The games were:

The games were divided by students' age:

This meant 12 independent tournaments (a tournament per age per game). The finals happened at University of Minho:

More information can be found at (in Portuguese). More photos here.

Here are some pictures just before the event started:

Each group had 12 students in a Swiss tournament with 4 rounds

There were 2 groups of Dots'n'Squares  and 4 for Traffic Lights

8 groups for Amazons

Also 8 for Hex games

A total of 9 groups for Wari matches

And 2 for 7x7 Slimetrail


sharing pens...

Traffic Lights

middle games and endgames


sowing the boards


studying the adversary


always searching for the right connections


and meet the new kid on the block

The finalists

In the morning there were the first phase. Then, around 10-25 players for each game/cycle were selected to participate, after lunch, at the finals. The names of the winners (student - school) are: 

Gonçalo Ribeiro - Col. Sagrado Coração de Maria
P & Q 1º ciclo Miguel Sousa - EB1 de Salgueiros, Sousa
Diogo Mateus - EB1 de Solum, Coimbra
Maria Cordeiro - Col. Sagrado Coração de Maria
Semáforo 1º ciclo Maria Francisca Assunção - Col. Nossa Srª de Lourdes, Porto
João Miguel Caridade - 2º Jardim-Escola oão de Deus, Coimbra
Luana Dionísio - Eb1,2 Zambujal, Santana
Ouri 1º ciclo Ema Ferreira - Col. Sagrado Coração de Maria
Tiago Grade - Col. Cesário Berde, Lisboa
Vítor Bruno Figueiredo - E2,3 Gonçalo Nunes, Barcelos
Semáforo 2º ciclo Matilde Neves - EB2,3, Lamaçães, Braga
Beatriz Bento - Esc.Salesiana de Manique, Alcabideche
Ana Rita Barbosa - Ext. das Neves, Mujães, Viana do Castelo
Ouri 2º ciclo Diogo Oliveira - EB2,3 "A Ribeirinha", Madeira da Maia
Luís Silva - Col. Ellen Key, Porto
Haroun Tlengari - EB2,3 Stª Clara, Évora
Hex 2º ciclo Leonardo Oliveira - EB2,3 Aires Barbosa, Aveiro
Nuno Miguel Seabra - EBI/JI da Barranha, Porto
Jonatas Rodrigues - Col. Quiaios, Figueira da Foz
Ouri 3º ciclo Bernardo Brito - EB2,3 Dr. José Neves Jr., Faro
Jorge Miranda - Ext. das Neves, Mujães, Viana do Castelo
Luís Maduro - EB2,3 Eugénio de Castro, Coimbra
Hex 3º ciclo João Gouveia - EB2,3/S Penacova
Gonçalo Nunes - Col. do Vale, Marisol
Rui Miguel Machado - ES/3 de Tondela, Tondela
Amazonas 3º ciclo Miguel Nunes - EB2,3 Stª Clara, Évora
João Miguel Monge - EB2,3 de Moimenta da Beira, Moimenta da Beira
Miguel Silva - ES Dr.Manuel Candeias Gonçalves, Odemira
Hex secundário Fábio Costa - ES/3 Dr. Bernardino Machado, Figueira da foz
Sara Ramos - Col. Dr. Luís Pereira da Costa, Monte Redondo
Rui Miguel Silva - ES de Barcelos, Barcelos
Amazonas secundário Tiago Pereira - Centro de Estudos de Fátima, Fátima
Sara Ramos - ES/3 de Oliveira do Douro, Oliv. do Douro
Rui Gonçalo Sousa - ES/3 Montejunto, Cadaval
Rastros secundário João Filipe Peixoto - ES de Leal da Câmara, Rio de Mouro
Antº Manuel Pacheco - ES de S. Lourenço, Portalegre

"Invent your Game"

There was a contest to invent a new board game (rules in Portuguese). We received 20 submissions, and the winner was Pedro Feijó from ES. de Camões, Lisboa. You can check the rules here (in Portuguese, pdf with 1.8Mb).

The people behind this event

This would not be possible without the help of hundreds of persons, from all math teachers across Portugal to all of those who helped at the finals. Here are main people that worked in this great event: Alda Carvalho, Carlos Santos, Cláudia Mendes Araújo, Joana Torres, João Almiro, João Pedro Neto, Jorge Nuno Silva, Maria Teresa Santos, Paula Martins, Pedro Palhares, Pedro Patrício e Suzana Gonçalves.

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