The 3rd Portuguese Tournament of Mathematical Games

During March, 9, 2007, 750 students (aging 7 to 17) from all Portugal join at Évora to play six different abstract games.

The Third Portuguese Tournament of Mathematical Games started months before in about 170 schools, scattered thru all Portugal, with local tournaments to find what students were the best players (you can check some info from the first tournament).

The games were:

The games were divided by students' age:

This meant 12 independent tournaments (a tournament per age per game). The finals happened at the Palácio Dom Manuel:

More information can be found at (in Portuguese). Here are some pictures just before the event started:

Each group had 12 students in a Swiss tournament with 4 rounds

The biggest tournaments at Hex, Wari & Amazons

Amazons ready for combat

A Semaphore table

Go packed

The Dots'n'Squares corner


making boxes...

Traffic Lights

ending a tournament


sowing the boards


blocking the adversary



The finalists

In the morning there were the first phase. Then, around 12-22 players at each game/cycle were selected to participate, after lunch, at the finals. The names of the winners are: 

C. Teixeira-Col. Sagrado Coração de Maria
P & Q 1º ciclo Diogo Carvalho-Alcacer do Sal
Sara Quertel-Col do Vale, Charneca da Caparica
Miguel Lino-Encosta do Sol, Caldas da Rainha
Semáforo 1º ciclo Patrícia Igreja-Col. Cesário Verde, Moscavide
Pedro Carapau- Ext. S. José, Évora
Miguel Carvalho-Col do Vale, Charneca da Caparica
Ouri 1º ciclo Tomás Fazenda-Col. Sagrado Coração de Maria
Margarida Baptista- Santa Catarina
Nuno Nonitake-Escola Salesiana de Monchique
Ouri 2º ciclo Ana Sousa- Col. de Quiaios
Cristiano Silva- Inst. D. João V
João Gomes- Visconde da Jurumenha, tapada das mercês
Semáforo 2º ciclo Cristiana Duarte- Penacova
Luís Oliveira- Col. de Quiaios
Diogo Mesquita- Eugénio de Castro, Coimbra
Hex 2º ciclo José Perdigão- Col. Laura Vecunha, Vendas Novas
André Santana- Santa Maria, Beja 
Manuel Pereira- Didáxis Coop. de Ensino, Riba de Ave
Ouri 3º ciclo Jorge Miranda- Externato das Neves, Mujães
Luís Freixinho- Col. Cesário Verde, Moscavide
Luís Maduro- Eugénio de Castro, Coimbra
Hex 3º ciclo Fabio Costa- Col. de Quiaios
Tiago Azevedo- Oliveira do Douro, V. N. de Gaia
Rui Machado- Tondela
Amazonas 3º ciclo João Oliveira- Santana
Hugo Domingues- Col. Dr. Luís Pereira da Costa
Pedro Jorge- Col.  Luís Pereira da Costa
Hex secundário Caio Rodrigues- ES Amadora
Joana Lúcio- ES Caneças
Cristóvão Gomes- Col.  Luís Pereira da Costa
Amazonas secundário Rui Ferreira- Escola José Estevão
Ruben Mendes- Inst. de Ed. Técnica de Lisboa
João Oliveira- Escola Profissional de Ourém
Go secundário Sara Ramos- ES Oliveira do Douro
André Alexandre- ES Leal da Câmara

The people behind this event

This would not be possible without the help of hundreds of persons, from all math teachers across Portugal to all of those who helped at the finals. Here are main people that worked in this great event: Alda Santos, Ana Fraga, Carlos Santos, João Almiro, João Pedro Neto, Jorge Nuno Silva, Luís Reis, Manuel Branco, Maria Teresa Santos, Paulo Infante, Sandra Vinagre, Teresa Caissotti.

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