João Pedro Neto

B.Sc. in Computer Science; M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning); Ph.D. in Neural Networks and Theory of Computation.

Works, since 1996, at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon (FCUL).  
Publication list at Google Scholar, Orcid, Scopus, and ResearcherID. CIÊNCIA ID 5510-BEF8-0112  
Interests in Programming, Bayesian Statistics, Machine Learning, Combinatorial Game Theory.  
R/ML/Stats tutorials (also at GitHub).  
367* Advent of Code | Project Euler: 177 solved (percentile 99.6)  
Email: jpneto AT  
Online footprint: @linkedin @GitHub @StackExchange @twitter @blogspot  
My Web of Beliefs  

Activities and previous work:

Developed a Haskell program that implements an algebra for the Universe of guaranteed scoring combinatorial games.  
The World of Abstract Games contains hundreds of perfect information board games, some of them quite obscure, that can be played with very simple gaming material. New material is now added at Trabsact Sagme Diaries.  
Lattice Maker for Combinatorial Game Theory.  
In the organizing committee of the Portuguese Tournament of Math Games for math students aged 6 to 17 years old from all regions of Portugal. Check past editions.

Together with Jorge Nuno Silva and Carlos Santos, wrote two collections about historical board games and mathematics, namely Jogos Com História (in 2007) and Jogos do Mundo (in 2008) in collaboration with newspaper Público and the weekly magazine Visão.

Books on Mathematical Games with Jorge Nuno Silva (boards pdf's)

Books on Java programming, and Theory of Computation (with Francisco Coelho)


The LUDAE project - learning to play abstract games between competition and cooperation.   
My PhD focused in the connections between classical Theory of Computation and the field of Neural Computation to integrate symbolic and sub-symbolic computations into an homogeneous neural net architecture (check the PhD's page about NETDEF).  
Chess Variants (and contributions for the ChessVariant website).  
Clues for a Game Design Methodology.  
Diplomacy variant: 1939. Mutators to play on any board.  

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