Emanuel Santos

Invited Assistant Professor
Department of Informatics
Faculdade de Ciências
University of Lisbon, Portugal

::: A (very) short biography

I was born in Lisbon, Portugal, in 1982.

I graduated in Applied Mathematics and Computation (5-year degree) at IST - Instituto Superior Técnico in September 2005. My diploma thesis was supervised by Prof. Paulo Mateus.

I was a Monitor at the Section of Logic and Computation of the Department of Mathematics of IST between September 2005 and September 2006.

I'm have phd in Computer Science and Software Engineering from IST since 2012. My thesis was supervised by Prof. João Pavão Martins and Prof. Helena Galhardas. I had a phd grant from Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia since 2007.

Since September 2010, I'm an invited assistant professor at the Department of Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon.

::: Research interests

My PhD work is in two distinct, but related, areas: Argumentation, a well known subject of Artificial Intelligence, and Data Cleaning, a also well known subject of Database Systems. My goal is to study the problem of handling inconsistent information in both research areas. I am interested in the following subjects:
  • The development of Logic-based Argumentation Frameworks.
  • The Constraint Repair Problem.
  • The improvement of the existing Data Cleaning Processes for Inconsistent Databases.
Since October 2012, I'm a member of the SOMER Project, which aims to improve the current semantic ontology matching methods, mainly with respect to biomedical ontologies. My research work focuses on the consistency analysis of the alignment that results from matching two ontologies. My goal is to use that information to determine an even "better" alignment.

I am also interested in the following areas:
  • Knowledge representation.
  • Non-monotonic reasoning.
  • Agents with emotions.

::: Research works

Note: I'm going to submit papers to CIKM2013.
Note2: I was in a travelling hiatus during 2012 (see below).

Publications :::

Emanuel Santos and Helena Galhardas, "Using argumentation to support the user involvement in data cleaning", 9th International Workshop on Quality in Databases, in conjunction with VLDB (VLDB/QDB'11), August 2011, Seattle, WA, USA.

Helena Galhardas, Antonia Lopes, and Emanuel Santos, "Support for user involvement in data cleaning applications", 13th International Conference on Data Warehousing and Knowledge Discovery (DaWaK'11) September 2011, Toulouse, France.

Emanuel Santos and João Pavão Martins and Helena Galhardas, "An Argumentation-based Approach to Database Repair", 19th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI'10), August 2010, Lisbon, Portugal.

Emanuel Santos and João Pavão Martins, "An Argumentation Framework for Optimal Repair Checking", IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Computer Communication and Processing (ICCP'09), August 2009, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Emanuel Santos, "Enhancing a Data Cleaning Process using Repairs", Third SIGMOD PhD Workshop on Innovative Database Research (IDAR/SIGMOD'09), July 2009, Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

Emanuel Santos and João Pavão Martins, "A Default Logic Based Framework for Argumentation", 18th European Conference on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI'08), July 2008, Patras, Greece.

Emanuel Santos and João Pavão Martins, "Argumentação baseada em lógica não-monótona", Doctoral Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SDIA/EPIA'07), December 2007, Guimarães, Portugal (in Portuguese).

Technical Reports :::

Daniel Faria, Cátia Pesquita, Emanuel Santos, Francisco Couto, Cosmin Stroe and Isabel Cruz, "Testing the AgreementMaker system in the anatomy task of OAEI 2012", Tech. Rep. arXiv:1212.1625 [cs.IR], arXiv.org, December 2012.

Helena Galhardas and Antónia Lopes and Emanuel Santos, "Support for user involvement in data cleaning applications", Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, July 2010.

Emanuel Santos, "An Argumentation-based Approach to Database Repair", Instituto Superior Técnico, March 2010.

Emanuel Santos, "An Argumentation Framework for Optimal Repair Checking", Instituto Superior Técnico, May 2009.

Emanuel Santos, "Argumentação", Instituto Superior Técnico, July 2007 (in Portuguese).

Graduation Thesis :::

Emanuel Santos, "Timestamping a Digital Document", Instituto Superior Técnico, September 2005 (in Portuguese).

Phd Thesis :::

Emanuel Santos, "Argumentation-based Approach to Data Cleaning", Instituto Superior Técnico, July 2012.

::: Past Research

As part of my Data Cleaning research, I studied the AJAX - Data Cleaning Tool. From 2010 to 2012, I was a member of the AJAX development team and DMIR group at INESC-id Lisboa.

::: Teaching

Before having a phd grant, I had the pleasure to teach the practical classes of Introduction to Programming (Fall Semester 2005/06) and Algorithms and Data Structures (Spring Semester 2005/06) courses at the Department of Mathematics, IST - Instituto Superior Técnico, Technical University of Lisbon.

I'm currently an invited assistant professor at the Department of Informatics, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon. I teached the practical classes of Operating Systems (Fall Semester 2010/11), Object Oriented Development (Spring Semester 2010/11), Database Systems (Fall Semester 2011/12 and Fall Semester 2012/13) and Information Systems Project (Fall Semester 2011/12). Currently, I'm teaching Programming (Spring Semester 2012/13).

::: Non-academic Projects

I'm co-founder and main programmer of "Ginásios de Portugal". Our goal is to connect exercise lovers, professionals and sports venues in one big and great online community. More details to come. It will be online very very soon. You can already check out temporary website (Portuguese version) ginasios.pt or its facebook page.

::: Free-Time "projects"

In April of 2009, I noticed that the portuguese dictionary widget that I had in my dashboard (MAC OSX) was not working anymore. Since it was a very useful widget I decided to develop a new one from scratch. For this purpose, I created an open source project called dicionario.widget. I already released two major versions. Since May 2010, the current version (v3.0) has already been downloaded more than 10000 times. If you want to check out my widget just go to the dicionario.widget official webpage (in portuguese) or to its facebook page.

::: Personal interests

I love to play sports, eat, travel and laugh.

I started practicing athletics at the age of 5 and entered in local, regional and national events until 18 years old. Since then I always find time to run, cycle or swim. Even in vacations! Sometimes, I run in local amateur events. If you want to find some athletics events in Portugal click here. By the way, if you ever see me running in the street, please DO NOT HORN! Thank you. :)

I love several different kinds of food. However, the gastronomy of Alentejo (a Portuguese Region) is, perhaps, my favorite one. If you want to experience one of the greatest tastes in the world click
here. If you can't go there right now... well... just eat a swiss or belgian chocolate.

Only a few years ago I started to travel frequently. Before my Phd defense, during spring of 2012 I did my first around the world trip (alone): 17 countries (Argentina, Uruguai, Brazil, Venezuela, Coracao, Puerto Rico, EUA, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malasia, Combodja, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri-Lanka and Jordania), 27 flights and dozens of new friends around the world :: Life changing. After my Phd defense I also visited eastern europe (Estonia, Latvia and Russia). In 2012, I visited 20 countries :)

Since I can remember, I always loved to watch a good comedy show. As a "typical" fan of "
Seinfeld", I already watched each of its 180 episodes at least 100 times (still counting). "Herman Enciclopédia" (a Portuguese Sketch Comedy Show) is also one of my comedy bibles. I also loved to watch "That 70s Show", "Conan O'Brien" and "Whose line is it anyway?". In my first visit to New York City I also had the pleasure to watch a show in the best stand-up comedy club in the world - The Comic Strip Club. Recently, during my AWT I stayed a few days in LA just to watch 'CONAN' and 'Late Late Night with Craig Ferguson' live.

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