António Casimiro

An architecture to support interaction via Generic Events

Paulo Veríssimo, Jörg Kaiser and António Casimiro

24th IEEE Real-time Systems Symposium, Work in Progress Proceedings, Cancun, Mexico, December 2003


Classical event/object models are usually software oriented. As such, when transported to a real-time, embedded systems setting, their harmony is cluttered by the conflict between, on the one side, send/receive of "software" events (message-based), and on the other side, input/output of "hardware" or "real-world" events, registerbased. In a recent paper we introduced the Generic Events Architecture (GEAR), which allows the seamless integration of physical and computer information flows.
In this paper we review some of the key issues of GEAR, in particular those related with information flow and support for real-time sentient applications. GEAR defines an event layer that is responsible for event propagation in the whole system, through several Event Channels (EC). In fact, this layer plays a fundamental role in securing the functional and non-functional (e.g. reliability and timeliness) properties of the envisaged applications. This paper proposes the COSMIC (COoperating SMart devICes) middleware for the event layer, showing how it integrates with the GEAR architecture. A particularly interesting issue, also discussed in this paper, is that COSMIC event channels can be of several synchrony classes, ranging from non real-time to hard real-time classes.


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