António Casimiro

xAMp Time Service User Specification

António Casimiro, Luís Rodrigues and Henrique Fonseca

Technical Report, RT/64-91, Delta-4 Project, INESC, Lisboa, Portugal, October 1991


The goal of the Time Service is to offer a reliable time source which can be used by any user in the distributed network. This Time Service was implemented using two different synchronization algorithms: the Srikanth algorithm [Srikanth:87] and the a posteriori agreement algorithm [Rodrigues:92]. With these algorithms it is possible to establish a global time base along the network.
In this document we explain the Time Service user interface. The first implementation of this service presented some limitations wich were suppressed in the second implementation. In this release improvements were made to the Time Service with the adition of the a posteriori agreement algorithm.


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Technical report

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