António Casimiro

Ensuring reliable measurements in remote aquatic sensor networks

Gonçalo Jesus, Anabela Oliveira and António Casimiro

Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Hydroinformatics, New York City, USA, August 2014


Reliable flood decision-support information systems comprise an extensive network of dependable water sensors and a bundle of accurate forecast simulations models. However, the quality of gathered data is affected by the pervasive nature of the monitoring network where aquatic sensors are vulnerable to external disturbances. Existing solutions for aquatic monitoring composed by heterogeneous sensors are unable to ensure continuously reliable measurements in complex scenarios. In this paper, we introduce a more general study of fault tolerant sensors in the aquatic monitoring process, and we motivate the need of reliable data collection in harsh coastal and marine environments. An overview of the main challenges is presented, such as the absence of redundancy, and a framework-based solution is presented, that automatically adjust the sensors measurements from each disturbance accordingly, providing an important increase on the quality and validity of the sensor observations.


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