António Casimiro

Recent Advances on the Timely Computing Base Model

António Casimiro and Miguel Correia

Fast Abstract at the International Conference on Dependable Systems and Networks, Göteborg, Sweden, June 2001


Since we devised the Timely Computing Base model ([RTDI-99-2]), we have taken systematic steps to validate it. In [DSN00] we have shown how to solve a fundamental problem: to interface a payload system of any degree of asynchrony, to a synchronous subsystem as the TCB. We have also discussed the implementation of one of the application classes we propose (fail-safe) on the TCB. In a recent work [SRDS01] we show how to implement time-elastic applications on the TCB. Implementing a TCB is a subject of its own. In [WFCS00], we describe one of the possible implementations of the TCB, based on RT-Linux, using Linux as the payload support system.
Recently, we have extended the TCB model with a set of security properties to make it trusted not only in the time domain but also in the value domain. The resulting Trusted Timely Computing Base (TTCB) is presented in [WARGC01]. In the present paper we present a brief report on all these advances.


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