António Casimiro

Towards Timely ACID Transactions in DBMS

Marco Vieira, António Casimiro and Henrique Madeira

The 12th International Conference on Database Systems for Advanced Applications (DASFAA 2007), Bangkok, Thailand, April 2007


On-time data management is becoming a key difficulty faced by the information infrastructure of most organizations. In fact, database applications for critical areas are increasingly giving more importance to the timely execution of transactions. Database applications with timeliness requirements have to deal with the possible occurrence of timing failures, when the operations specified in the transaction do not complete within the expected deadlines. In spite of the importance of timeliness requirements in database applications, typical commercial DBMS do not assure any temporal properties, not even the detection of the cases when the transaction takes longer than the expected/desired time. This paper discusses the problem of timing failure detection in database applications and proposes a transaction programming approach to help developers in programming database applications with time constraints. The paper illustrates the proposed programming model with a practical example using the Oracle 10g DBMS running a performance benchmark for real-time database applications.


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