Carlos Duarte @FCUL

Want to work with me?

I'm always looking for quality PhD and MSc students. If you have research interests in common with me, send me an email or stop by my office.

PhD students

I'm currently advising 2 PhD students.

Daniel Costa is concerned with the accessibility of Web applications on Connected TVs for blind people. He is researching how can adaptation improve their accessibility, but also checking how hardware, like tablets and remote controls, can help.

David Costa is exploring how body based interaction can improve the accessibility of mobile devices for blind people. Despite the increase in accessibility of recent smartphones, they still present too many challenges when used in the wild. By using skin and muscle based interaction, David is trying to overcome these challenges.

In the past I've been honored to advise some wonderful students.

José Coelho researched how social networks can help fight social isolation of senior citizens. His work focused on disseminating the senior's family and friends contents posted on Facebook through more senior friendly platforms, like tablets and TV.

Inês Rodolfo, a PhD student at the New University of Lisboa, which I co-advised. Her work focused on the design of Personal Health Records for senior users, in order to increase their usefulness for both the senior and the national health system.

MSc students

I'm currently advising seven MSc students, all but one, working on the topic of web accessibility.

Beatriz Martins is conducting a large scale web accessibility evaluation to find the influence of technology on the accessibility of web pages.

Catarina Guerreiro is developing tools to facilitate the assessment of websites that wish to obtain the "Selo de Usabilidade e Acessibilidade".

João Andrade is adding new features to the backend services supporting the accessibility monitoring done by Agência para a Modernização Administrativa in Portugal.

Paulo Vieira is researching how the accessibility of the different states of a web page can be assessed in QualWeb.

Pedro Santos is exploring mechanisms to automatically create samples of pages of a website for manual accessibility auditing.

Rafael Gaspar is developing the Roteiro Entre Marés applications.

Rita Costa is designing a usable and accessible web application to promote senior tourism.


In the first semester I will teach one undergraduate course - Interação com Computadores (Human-Computer Interaction) - and one graduate course - Experiência de Utilização (User Experience).

In the second semester I will teach two undergraduate courses, Projeto de Sistemas de Informação (Information Systems Project) and Interfaces Pessoa Máquina (Human-Computer Interaction).

In both semesters I will also be teaching two courses on our PhD programme: Research Methods in HCI; and Research Topics.