Virtual Bees- version 0


This game is about coloured bees that are attracted by lights of their own color. It starts with a specific number of bees which die along the game whenever they collide with bees with different colours. No bees are created during the game.

 The color of each light (grey when it is off) changes from time to time. Each light may be switched off by the player, clicking over it. Every time the player switches off a light, it turns grey and another light with the same color is automatically switched on. This way, the number of switched on lights is constant along the game.

 The goal of the player is to control the lights, avoiding bees' collisions, keeping the bees alive for as long as possible.

The game was implemented using Processing ( and converted to a java applet. There are three versions with different number of lights and bees.


*** To play the game: ***

1) download the executable .jar  files:

     9 lights & 9 bees         36 lights & 25 bees          144 lights & 50 bees

2) play:

    double click


    execute with command    java -jar VirtualBeesV1


last update: 24-03-2014 15:19