Short Biography

Ana Paula Afonso is Assistant Professor at the Informatics Department (DI) of the Faculty of Science of University of Lisbon (FCUL) where she works since 1989. She teaches subjects like Mobile Computing, Web Applications and Services, among others. She is a researcher at LASIGE since 1998. Her research interests are: Mobility and Context-Awarness; Visualization; Spatial Temporal Visualization, Visual Analytics of Movement, Interactive Visualization. She has a PhD in Informatics from FCUL in 2004, with a thesis titled "Methodology for Information Appliance Design" in the field of Mobile Computing. She graduated in Computer Science from the same University in 1988, in the field of Artificial Intelligence - Intelligent Tutoring Systems. She is a member of the Council of the Department of Informatics and member of the Scientific Council of LaSIGE since 2004.


Ana Paula Afonso
Departamento de Informática
Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
Bloco C6 - Piso 3, Campo Grande
1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal

Office: 6.3.44
Phone: +351 21 750 01 53 (internal extension: 26344)
email: apafonso (at) ciencias . ulisboa . pt