Nexing Corpus

Release 1.0

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Brief Description






The Nexing Project
The Nexing Corpus is one of the results of the Nexing Project.

This is a multi-disciplinary project fostering the convergence of methods, results and expertise from Informatics, Applied Logic, Cognitive Psychology and Formal Linguistics in the modeling and processing of natural language, with special focus on negation.

The Nexing Project, and the Nexing Corpus were funded by the FCT-Foundation for Science and Technology under the contract FCT/SAPIENS99/34076/99.

Long Description

A detailed description of the Nexing Corpus, and in particular a fully fledged presentation of the information encoded in the corpus and its tags, is reported at:

Branco, António, José Leitão, João Silva and Luís Gomes, 2002, "Nexing Corpus: a corpus of verbal protocols on syllogistic reasoning". In Proceedings of LREC2002-Third International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation, Las Palmas, May 29-31.


To visualize each of the corpus files, click in the links below (you have to use a XSL-compliant browser/viewer). Note that only part of the information contained in the corpus is being displayed by means of this specific XSL solution. To have a complete access to all the information in the corpus, dowload the files (vd. next section "Download") and edit them as .txt files.

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File 8  |  File 9  |  File 10  |  File 11  |  File 12  |  File 13  |  File 14  | 

File 15  |  File 16  |  File 17  |  File 18  |  File 19  |  File 20  |  File 21  | 

File 22  |  File 23  |  File 24  |  File 25  |  File 26  |  File 27  | 


To download the full Nexing Corpus, choose one of the available formats and click on the corresponding link below.
The download includes: all the corpus files, plus a readme file and the XSL stylesheet used in the "Visualization" section above.