Tiago holding his daughter (2 year old at the time)

I am an Assistant Professor at the Informatics Department (DI) of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisboa (FCUL) and a researcher at the Human-Computer Interaction and Multimedia (HCIM) Research Team at LaSIGE, a research unit of the same department, where I keep striving to empower disabled people and help surpassing the barriers of accessibility, particularly in mobile contexts. I am active on FCUL Labs, which I co-founded, a cross-disciplinary group that seeks to develop and deploy products closer to the community. I received my PhD in Information Systems & Computer Engineering from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Technical University of Lisbon (UTL). Currently, my main research interests are on mobile accessibility for blind and motor impaired people, cognitive and communication aids for people with dementia, usable security and inconspicuous interaction.

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Latest News

  • Soups logo

    Paper accepted at SOUPS 2016

    Our paper on Snooping on Mobile Phones: Prevalence and Trends was accepted at SOUPS 2016 and will be presented in Denver, in June, by Diogo. The paper contributes with alarming new estimates on the prevalence of someone snooping someone else's smartphone, particularly amongst those that are younger and/or own a smartphone. These results were achieved through an indirect questioning methodology that showed to be adequate to enquiries where social desirability bias is at play.

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    Associate Chair at ACM CHI 2017

    For the fourth year in a row, I will be an Associate Chair for ACM CHI 2017. Committees have been revamped and I am very happy to be part of the Health, Accessibility and Ageing committee, which will also, for the first time, meet remotely.

  • Keynote Speaker at Handicap 2016

    I will be a keynote speaker at Handicap 2016 in Paris, France, next June 10th. I will be speaking about accessibility layers and how we have been researching beyond physical access to technology.

  • Invited Speaker at Envelhece ATIVAmente seminar

    I was an invited speaker at the first Envelhece Ativamente seminar, organized by LATI, in Setúbal, and held on May 5th. I addressed the 100+ professionals working with older adults with a presentation on technology for people with dementia, one of my current research areas.

  • online article

    Featured in Público national newspaper

    Our work on enabling access to touch surfaces, from tablets to smartwatches, with a focus on Braille and vibrotactile solutions was featured in a national newspaper in a piece about assistive technologies for blind people.

  • ASSETS 2016

    ACM ASSETS 2016 Experience Reports Chair

    I am the Experience Reports chair of ASSETS 2016. An experience report is authored or co-authored by one or more persons who are in the intended audience for the technology discussed in the report. It describes these authors' experience with the technology, positive or negative (and may describe the experience of other users, as well)

  • HoliBraille prototype

    Braille 2.1 initiative launched.

    Braille 2.1 is an umbrella term for a series of international research projects that aim to bring Braille to the 21st century. We just announced our website at braille21.com, where you can browse all projects, download applications, and even source codes. This is an initiative started by researchers at the University of Lisbon, University of Dundee and Rochester Institute of Technology.


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