The 9th Portuguese Tournament of Mathematical Games

During March 1, 2013, more than 1500 students (aging 7 to 17) from all Portugal joined at …vora for the second time to play six different abstract games. The event was organized by the University of …vora at the Arena.

The Portuguese Tournament of Mathematical Games started months before in several hundreds of schools, scattered thru all Portugal, with local tournaments to find what students were the best players.

The games were the following:

The games were divided by students' age:

This meant 12 independent tournaments (a tournament per age per game). More information can be found at (in Portuguese) and more photos here.

Here's a video from a public broadcast TV (in Portuguese...):

Here are some pictures just before the event started:


And then the games began:

The best student of each tournament was selected to the afternoon's final. This last tournament decided the winners. There were about 200 students.

The finalists

Check this document with the finalist names.


We wish to thank the University of …vora, namely, all the wonderful people that work hard to make this possible, especially Sandra Vinagre. Also, to the usual suspects: Alda Carvalho, Ana Fraga, Carlos Santos, Jo„o Neto, Jorge Nuno Silva, LuŪs Malheiro, Teresa Santos and all the great professors and assistants that volunteer to help us with this wonderful event.

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